Interested in something different? Fun? Interactive, and original? Consider a LIVE baking or cooking party with Italian Wife Chef for your kids parties!






















Perfect for children of all ages. Age has no boundaries and Italian Wife Chef highly encourages children in the kitchen. 

Our kids parties are fun, interactive and a great way to celebrate any occasion from birthdays to playdates or simply just because you want to party!

Each party is customizable and can be centered around any theme of the child's liking. For a minimum of 2 hours, children will gather and either bake or cook 1 item from the pre-selected items menu.


What is included in each party?

*You will be provided with a virtual birthday invitation to send out to your guests.

*A PDF download specially created for the birthday child with a photo of them and some fun facts/stats about the child (provided by the parent(s) ) and the tools needed and ingredients list with the recipe.


(Whatever you choose to make for the party, will be done thoughtfully in terms of requiring minimal tools and ingredients to keep it stress free and cost effective for all)


*The children will have time to talk and chat together online and if it's a birthday, Happy Birthday will be sung by the children.

*The event begins with an introduction to the birthday child, what it is we will be doing and baking/cooking.

*The children will bake/cook and then get to enjoy their cooked/baked item together online while talking to each other.

*At the end, all the children will sing happy birthday to the birthday child (if it's a birthday) and if there’s a cake the birthday child will blow out their candles and cut their cake.

Once life returns to normal, our kids parties can be done in person, in your home!

For more information or to book a party, please fill out our form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Birthday Party with Ice Cream
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