Learn the art of traditional Italian cooking and baking through virtual online classes as taught by the Italian Wife Chef herself, Lisetta. In hand with today's technology, participants of the class will be able to learn recipes, tips and techniques of the Italian kitchen. Set in a small, intimate gathering of no more than 10 individuals per online class to ensure every student has an attentive and superb learning experience. Each class will focus on the basics and mastery of what is being taught for that specific lesson, during a span of two to four hours. 


Upon registration and a week before the scheduled lesson, every student will receive an email with a list of the required ingredients and tools to successfully complete the course, and a link to the virtual class room with password. Included will also be a PDF document with the recipe(s), procedure, tips, and techniques for the students future referral and use.

The goal and aim through these classes is to spread the wealth and knowledge of traditional Italian cooking to all, in turn preserving the old world kitchen of Italy.

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